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Frequently Asked Questions at VCA Spaces

Q: How is the content at VCA Spaces organized?

VCA Spaces addresses value chains from different angles under two categories:

  1. Blood Groups (Finance; HR & Leadership; IT & Blockchain; Marketing; Strategy & Corporate Governance; Supply Chain & Digitalization).
  2. Industry Groups (Agriculture; Apparel; Automotive; Business Services & Solutions; Chemical, Metal & Mining; Finance, Banking & Insurance; Healthcare, Pharma & Biotech; Mass Media & Telecom; Power & Oil; Retail & Distribution; Tech, Software & Internet).

Q: What are Blood Groups? 

The Blood Groups define people of different specializations. Often, people of Finance, Tax, HR, IT, Marketing or Strategy work with VCA-related content but speak completely different languages. Professionals can, therefore, follow the groups of their specialization or interest with other members of similar understanding.  However, the VCA Spaces platform also allows professionals of different expertise to interact across specializations.

Q: What types of content can I find in the VCA Spaces community?

VCA Spaces provides a broad variety of content, including introductions, business insights, case studies, current challenges and trends and academic insights. The content is communicated in the form of posts, news, articles, discussions, polls, documents, animations, videos, visual illustrations, events, and webinars.

Q: What other features can I find in the VCA Spaces community?

VCA Spaces also provides access to online courses, memory trainers, Q&As, the VCA search engine, and related applications. The environment also offers the possibility to create private project groups to collaborate with other professionals across the globe.

Q: Who moderates content in the VCA Spaces community?

Each of the Blood Groups and Industry Groups has their own managers, contributors, and thought leaders specialized in that area. Together, they create content relevant to the particular group. Community members can post content in the group’s activity feed, engage in discussions, and use a variety of features included in the platform. Members can also become group contributors if they are professionals in the relevant field and would like to contribute their own inputs on a regular basis.

Q: How do I become a contributor to the VCA Spaces community?

If you would like to contribute quality content to one of the groups, please contact the manager of that particular group.

Q: Who are Thought Leaders?

Thought Leaders are experienced professionals and academics with extensive knowledge relevant to the groups. Our community managers collaborate with Thought Leaders to generate quality content and new insights on a regular basis.

Q: Can I become a Thought Leader?

If you believe you have extensive knowledge and experience relevant to one of the Blood Groups or Industry Groups, contact one of the group managers visible in the community or let us know at

Q: I want to join the Community, what else do I need to know?

We offer a flexible subscription, so you can subscribe and experience the community on your own with all its features. You are completely free to cancel your subscription at any time.

Q: Is it easy to cancel my subscription?

Absolutely. You can cancel your subscription at any time in the options menu. This will end your subscription on the last day of your subscription period (e.g. a subscription period started on 14 February will end on 14 March).