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Value Chain Analysis for Professionals

Value chain analysis is an essential tool needed for an in-depth understanding of company’s processes, which allow the management to create a feasible strategy. However, in today’s dynamic environment, company’s can hardly thrive with a traditional governance model, where top management decides on strategy to be implemented in the next decade. Instead, companies are more pressed to become agile to be able to make quick decisions and adapt their internal processes flexibly. At the same time, companies must be able to collaborate with stakeholders, that requires transparent and accessible insights into value creation processes. As a result, the value chain analysis tools are required by a broader variety of professionals, including:

  • Strategy
  • IT,
  • HR,
  • Finance,
  • Supply Chain, and
  • Tax Professionals.

VCA-Spaces online environment, therefore, serves the above-mentioned professionals to better understand value creation processes and train them in the implementation of value chain analysis. Similarly, VCA-Spaces provides insights into a variety of industries, so that professionals from any of the main industries can find more customized content relevant to their area of expertise.